20th February 2009

Spalding Lincs. UK, 23rd October 1997 - Mellieha, Malta 20th February 2009

Our grand old princess , Ch. Karkooby Sweet Sensation aka Daisy popped off in a flash on Friday the 20th February 2009. It was on the 20th of February 1998 when at the age of 4 months she came to join Sam and the rest of our family at our home in Mellieha. Together with Sam, they became a legend of the village.

She went just as we always prayed she would do.

Thankfully, we were at home with her, which was a plus too in the simple way she went . She was laid to rest in our palm grove next to her buddy, Big Sam who left us 5 years and three days before her. I think she always missed him somewhat. Sam left a void behind him but now the void will be empty now that she's gone to meet him . Bossing him about in Paradise now! Thirteen years of sharing our lives with these magnificent Saints, our best pals, a void that's not simply over 200 Kilos of dogs but much much more … .

Well! ... it was just another routine Friday for her, I took her for her early morning stroll ... relaxed at home with the usual pampering since Henriette spends Friday mornings with her while overseeing the maid, half their time is attending to and grooming Daisy ...

Around 1pm, I had just returned from work, she greeted me as usual, turned over wagging her tail. I gave her the mandatory hug, told her " Want to eat”! (music to her ears!) .. a brisk cuddle and … “I'll feed you in a second” . I entered the adjacent room while Henriette went upstairs to prepare our lunch , I changed into my house clothes in under a minute … when I came out or the room she was out cold, gave me a nod and went out like a light! :( We'd been expecting her departure these past two years, especially since her last April's heart malfunction ... I always prayed she'd go this way. She was a gem of a companion, friend to all, not a whisker of aggression in her, just a food magnet ... but scared of the vet, who incidentally was always very nice to her!!! Ch. Karkooby Sweet Sensation had a very healthy life adjusting to her age but always an endearing clown, full of beans and demanding a regular routine. We gave her our all … RIP

We shall now have more time for our Great Dane pack